Websites, Portals and Intranets

bee network has a long company history of building sites for customers, having built our first one almost twenty years ago. We stay ahead of the game in terms of new and emerging technologies and design to ensure that your site is as relevant as possible for as long as possible. We can advise you on the correct content management system for your organisation and are used to working with a variety of systems. From the both content and design, to HTML and CSS files, to going live we have a track record in helping clients build the site they want and need.

Community Building

Helping your company build a presence on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. We help you engage with your audience rather than simply pushing content at them.

Information Architecture

Good Information Architecture ensures better websites, better intranets and better products. We can advise and build good information architecture into all services as well as help our customers to develop the architecture which is right for them.


Accessibility is not just a basic, and legal, requirement for organisations and businesses but is also a tool to ensure that your site and product works better for the end user and may result in better indexing for search engines and presentation on mobile devices.


Search Engine Optimisation may help you to improve your ranking in search engines... we know the tricks... we try to practise SEO vodoo... we want Google to rank you higher and we can help!

Agile Project Management

At bee network we prefer to use a form of Agile Project Management (APM) as we believe that it is this methodology which allows for the greatest amount of ongoing feedback integration, gives our clients the flexibility they need and ensures the highest standards of the end product. APM allows us to have a process of collaboration amongst our team and our clients, to actively work together to understand and identify needs and priorities, plan and schedule tasks, execute and adapt the task and finally review the deliveries to ensure that it matches the needs and targets set out at the beginning of the process.

An agile project management approach means that we can react to the different cycles of the project with the relevant team members. It ensures a faster delivery process and the constant evaluation means that the project is able to evolve depending on the inputs received.