Web applications

We offer our clients website application development, from gathering your requirements to ensuring that all your needs are assessed, we will develop and deliver the perfect app. We ensure that these solve your problems and test the app before we deploy it so that it meets our high quality standards.

Development languages and technologies

bee network is comfortable with working in many languages and technologies. Our team is fluent in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Java, PHP and Python and loves modern web technologie like HTML5 and CSS3. Naturally we support all major databases like mySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Information visualisation

Helping you to provide information in a clear, easy to understand manner. We can guide you through the steps it takes to define your data sets, and work out what works best and will most effectively display your message and information.

GIS and Mapping systems

Graphical information systems and mapping systems are very important in the visualisation of information. We know the tools and the best way to present your data. We can even programme in the NUTS codes for you!

Cloud computing

bee network wants you to become independent from your own hardware! Get the service closer to your clients. Increase reliability and scale resources in real time to satisfy demand and save money during off hours. We have helped many clients to redefine their infrastructure.