bee network is specialised in consultancy in the fields of web, media, communications, knowledge management, the conceptual design of web services and the conceptual design and maintaining of IT environments. We pride ourselves in offering straightforward solutions to all your needs.


Founded in 1995 and extended in 2002, bee network has successfully undertaken projects dealing with new media, technology and communications and knowledge management throughout Europe.


bee network builds on our success of meeting the needs of our customers by providing solutions to ensure ease and effectiveness. With extensive experience, we provide tailor-made solutions which work on locally but with global quality.

Public sector

Our experience in the public sector, working with local governments, European programmes and International Organisations ensure that we deliver higher quality services with great efficiency, value and most of all custom made solutions which meet complex needs with simplicity.

As a specialist public sector consultancy, we understand the drive behind public service organisations, understand the challenge of meeting expectations within organisational constraints and achieve high quality services efficiently.

Private sector

bee network has a long history of working together with leading private sector companies in both visual and technological design.

Bringing together a team who are aware of current trends in business practice, we are able to respond both quickly and appropriately to ensure that your business stays innovative. We want to help you make a difference, reach your customer base better and we'll keep an eye on the bottom line for you.

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Detailed information on our companies is available at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce: beemt and beecc